I offer mental training and consultation services for individuals and teams. The ideal client is anyone motivated to improve performance, health, or quality of life, in any area of life (academic, athletic, arts, theater, social/relational, and entrepreneurial). A variety of interventions, skills, and techniques are utilized during service delivery, with each training regimen tailored to meet a client’s specific needs.

On average, I work with clients for 3-6 months, meeting weekly or every other week. This time window allows ample time for assessment, skill instruction, skill practice, and skill application. Since the training is highly individualized, the duration can be shorter or longer for certain clients. Accommodations can be made for clients with limited availability, for the summer or winter break.

  • Assessment – diagnosing the performance issue and/or goals and developing a tailored plan
  • Sessions – learning and practicing new, more adaptive mindfulness, ACT skills, interventions, behavioral skills, and other skills and interventions that meet the client’s needs.
  • Application – applying the newly learned skills and interventions into one’s everyday life.

Session Rates:

  • Initial 30-45 minute in person, phone, of telehealth consultation = FREE
  • Initial assessment session (75 minutes) = $185
  • Regular 30-minute session = $100
  • Regular 60-minute session = $175
  • 10-session packages (provides 10% discount, payment made up front and nonrefundable):
  • 30-minute session package = $900 ($90 a session)
  • 60-minute session package = $1,575 ($157.50 a session)


Peak Performance Twin Cities, PLLC is out-of-network with insurance providers. All therapy sessions are private pay. Payment is due at the beginning of each session.

Mental Skills Workshops:

These workshops are designed to cover topics that are impacting high performing individuals. Typically these workshops cover 8 to 12 topics that impact adolescents and young adults, each session will focus on a specific topic (i.e. – social media), and will include some combination of introduction to topic, psychoeducation, exercise or experience, discussion, guest speaker, skills and tool development, review-recap-takeaways-question and answer. Look for specific information about topics below.

Located on the 3rd floor of the Lake West Building off 494 & Highway 7 in Minnetonka
For Appointment information, please call our office at 612.508.9060 or send us an email at:

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