My Philosophy

Tim Jandro, Psy.D, Licensed Psychologist specializing in counseling and performance psychology.

I help children, adolescents and young adults become the best version of themselves mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. I understand the demands and pressures placed on them and utilize a “Values, Holistic, Mindfulness, Wellbeing” model to help them achieve “Psychological Flexibility.” This means becoming more aware of thoughts and feelings, having more control over actions and performance, and becoming the best version of themselves.

World at Their Fingertips

The children/adolescent/young adult generation, more than any other in history, has the world at their fingertips. The opportunities and experiences available to this generation are endless. What motivates me is helping individuals with enormous amounts of talent who arrive with feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, lack of self-confidence, and direction–thrive. I want to help these individuals identify their values, strengths, resources, purpose, and skills to optimize their performance and happiness. They will learn lifelong skills that are lasting and transferable to other life experiences.

Finding the Passion

I have always had a passion for sports and spent the majority of my youth competing. I was able to excel in golf and played it in high school and college. Reflecting on this experience, I wish I would have had someone to talk to about why I had a passion for golf and what I could be doing to maximize my potential. After college, I coached youth hockey and high school hockey for Minnetonka and Chaska. This experience rejuvenated my passion for working with adolescents and young adults. It brought to the forefront how much I enjoyed creating relationships with them and spending hours talking about things other than hockey. I made a leap of faith and decided to go back to school and get my masters and doctorate in counseling psychology. Now my focus is on helping adolescents and young adults become the best versions of themselves.

I still enjoy coaching, playing golf and hockey, traveling, boating, and spending time with my four children and amazing wife.


  • Licensed Psychologist – State of Minnesota
  • Mindful Sports Performance Enhancement – Instructor


  • Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology – St. Thomas University
  • MA in Counseling and Psychological Services – Saint Mary’s University
  • BA in Marketing Management – St. Thomas University
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